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A Tribute to Dr. Haval Ravin

Published in the December 2005 SAMEDA Papyrus

A Tribute to Dr. Haval Ravin

"A Tribute to Dr. Haval Ravin"

by Lucia

"He was an important advisor and one of the greatest leaders to the Kurdish Community in San Diego"...

"He brought thousands of families new joy - a child - through his fertility treatment to hopeful parents"...

"He was an endearing, modest man of a kind and generous nature"...

"He was a loving father to his three children, parents and family whom he loved most"...

These are just some of the facts about a very dear friend and person, Haval Ravin, MS, PhD, CRCS, HCLD. On November 12, 2004, Dr. Ravin was brutally murdered at his home in Del Cerro. His death has shocked the community and we continue to mourn his loss. Haval will be extremely missed, especially by his family and abundant friends across the world.

Haval was born in Baghdad, and immigrated to the United States where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree with honors from the University of Nebraska. Haval obtained his Master's Degree specializing in Cytogenetics and, in 1986, received his PhD in Genetics and Reproduction at UNL. Haval quickly became a trend setter in the field of reproductive medicine, publishing articles and serving on American Association Medical Boards. Eventually Haval became the Scientific Director of four medical clinics in Southern California and Mexico. Despite his busy career, Haval raised three bright children and cared for his elderly parents. Haval's family was a priority in his life.

Aside from work, Haval enjoyed many celebrations with friends, especially involving Middle Eastern Dance and music. He was an exceptional host and supporter of Middle Eastern Dance. Haval attended many functions and was responsible for developing a wonderful network of friends in the dance community. On October 15, 2004, a surprise birthday party was held for Haval. What a memorable and joyous event for such a special person. His face beamed with life and happiness.

During this time of grieving, it is fortunate that Haval's killer has been charged and will be prosecuted to ensure justice is served. Haval's many contributions and memories will remain in our minds and hearts. May we always remember his zest for life, friendship and radiant energy.

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