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A solid framework for your dance. Learn how to choreograph, including musical interpretation and communicating with your audience. Create your own signature moves and enhance your dance technique.

Lucia has been one of the preferred performers and house dancers in San Diego clubs, restaurants, and at special-private and family events since 2002. She is respected for her knowledge and experience in presenting authentic, culturally appropriate shows. Most of San Diego's current elite performers have been through Lucia's dance training program. Many hold well-respected positions in restaurants and clubs through San Diego County and are frequently hired for family events and festivities.


Being one of the long-standing dance teachers and performers in San Diego County, Lucia has become a driving force and innovator, setting trends and fashions for the dance in San Diego. 

Dance  Specialties and Techniques

  • Egyptian Style and Oriental (Belly dance) and  Folkloric

  • Khalijee and Iraqi, Saudi

  • Lebanese and Oriental, Dabke

  • Persian Dance and Classical, Bandari, Baba  Karam, Azeri

  • Samba

  • Latin Fusion

  • Flamenco Fusion

  • Props and Shamadan, Isis wings, cane, veil,  zills, sword, candle tray, drum, fan veil, and stick

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