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HALLAH MOUSTAFA – Haute Couture stagewear and a costumer for the stars

By Lucia


Anyone heard of Feiruz Aram, Dina, Shareen El Safy, Fatima, Liza La Ziza of Egypt, Angelika Nemeth, Fahtiem, Jillina, Sabah, and Sonya of the Belly Dance Superstars? Admired their gorgeous costumes? Well, Madame Hallah Moustafa has been one of their favorite costumers. The list of enthused clients and designs goes on.

This summer, in a magical trip to Egypt, I met Hallah and purchased some exquisite costumes from her. I was impressed with Hallah’s team of workers and her incredible designs. Hallah quickly became of my favorite designers – along with Bella and Eman Zaki. They are all blessed with immense talent. During our discussion and my research, I learned Hallah was a highly sought performer in California and Washington. She began dancing in 1977 and studied fashion design. During her career, Hallah became well known for her earthy Egyptian style dance, graceful Khalijee dance and her unique costumes. Hallah received training in high fashion design, studying under Countess De La Lanne, who designed for Shaparelli, Lavin and more in Paris. Hallah incorporated her fashion vision into belly dance design. While earning her degree in garment design at the Seattle Central College, Hallah developed a celebrity student base and clientele. Eventually, Hallah’s travels directed her to Cairo, Egypt.

Some of Hallah’s clients became a select group – some of the first Americans to work in Cairo. (Feiruz Aram,Shareen El Safy, Jillina, Angelika Nemeth, etc.). When asked about her inspirations, Hallah was quick to report that her experience as an oriental dancer helped her know what is important to make a truly professional costume. “When I started dancing professionally, I made my own costumes. Unlike today, we did not have the vendors or access to costumes in the U.S. My inspiration comes from everything!!! Flowers, colors, bugs, jewels, anything – it is endless.”

Hallah’s most memorable costumes? Sonia’s red paisley costume.. Fatima’s spider bedlam.. Lizas'gold metallic.. (See photos) and more. Hallah reports “I do have to say that I am doing some of my best work right now, and am creating new favorites every month. I truly enjoy custom design, and am still creating one of a kind designs. Hallah enjoys living in Cairo where she can master her best work, surrounded by inspiration. Hallah is inspired by her support team at her design shop and said “I have a really good team of workers, and together we turn vision into reality.”

For those of you, who wish to view Hallah’s creations, please visit her website Inquiries and custom orders are welcomed. Hallah is also available for dance instruction in Cairo and International workshops.

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