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My Teacher, Fahtiem

My Teacher, Fahtiem

My Teacher, Fahtiem

She appears on stage – embraced with grace and poise, her flaxen hair and passionate facial expressions, the unmistakable trademarks of this International Star. She is Fahtiem….

In 2005, I approached this legendary performer for private classes. Although I was an experienced, award-winning performer, I felt that something was missing in my dance. Through the years as I watched Fahtiem perform, I noticed she performed with predictable professionalism, yet exuded an unabashed, genuine emotion and grace in her movements. She danced with completeness - a rare quality.

During my classes with Fahtiem, I discovered she is a genuine, committed and generous instructor with a quick wit and playful soul.

I still recall my first class with Fahtiem – it was particularly challenging. Despite my dance experience, I felt as though it was my “first day” of Middle Eastern Dance class.

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