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Performance Tips - I. Your presentation - by Lucia

Part I of a series of Performance Tips by Lucia - an International Award winning performer and Professional Dancer for over 18 years.

"We are forever a student of this exciting, exquisite art of Middle Eastern Dance. I hope to inspire and provide some guidance for you to carry on with your audience and students". We commence with the most important part of your show - your presentation!

Tips for a Performer - I Your presentation
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1 Comment

Art Saborio
Art Saborio
Oct 25, 2021

Oh! a beautiful professional belly dancer, PLUS a writer with wit and pose! I can forsee great future forces aligning together. It is still too blurry to see clearly, but something is there in the near future. What amazing and exciting things will Lucia bring us as we move into 2022? Lead the way dear lady of dance.

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