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By Luci


On July 18th, SAMEDA held their 13th annual faire and fundraiser for the Women’s’ Resource Center at the lovely NTC McMillan Center. It was another remarkable event for many Southern California dance enthusiasts.

Performers graced the stage from 10am to 6pm closing. Our vendor space was filled to maximum capacity. And performer professionalism was at an all time high.

I recently attended the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Belly Dance festival in Cairo. There was an extraordinary difference between the two venues. In Cairo, there was often competition and stress in the air. It was very exciting. Perhaps because the event was so enormous, over a thousand enthusiasts in the hotel from all over the world and a dance competition took place. But I think it was something more. 

At the SAMEDA faire, there was something different in the air. I could not quite figure it out. I believe there was a mutual respect and camaraderie amongst all attendees – including performers, volunteers’ instructors, vendors, etc. The blessings of a smaller venue. Despite economical and international tension, it was a different world at the faire. For one day, dance enthusiasts savored the rhythms, colors and customs of Middle Eastern dance together. We shared a common bond - the love of Middle Eastern Dance and Culture and the inspiration it provides. Friendships and life experiences shared.

At the SAMEDA faire, families in support were abundant. I was impressed with the young performers – children under age 10 took the stage with poise, pizzazz and talent – and synchronized! From the cheers and applauds, I think these popular newcomers were a big hit! As I greeted SAMEDA faire comers at the reception, I saw performers and fans leaving the event with smiles, pride and accomplishment beaming from their faces. What a memorable experience. These events touch the lives of so many in everlasting ways.

The SAMEDA Board looks forward to our 14th annual faire. A special thanks to all who contributed to this years’ event. Congratulations for your creativity and success.

Thank you again for making this another magical year.

With all the best wishes,


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